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Customer Relationship Management

‘CRM allows you to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations’


2 Days


  • To enable participants to understand CRM and its benefits
  • To assist participants in managing contacts, leads, and opportunities
  • To integrate information in marketing, customer support, service, accounts, and management
  • To develop strategies for optimum interaction between the organisation and the customer
  • To improve individual and group performance through building better business relationship


  • PRACTICAL - this programme provides a background to CRM, allowing you to establish and maintain productive and profitable relationships with customers and maximise customer value. Avoid omissions and duplication, which reduce efficiency. You can improve the quality and value of your interactions with your customers by having all the information that you need at your disposal.
  • PEOPLE FOCUSED - this programme recognises that interpersonal relationships are the key to optimising profitability and that the use of appropriate CRM software is a key element in providing accurate and up-to-date information to those who interact with customers in any way and at any level.
  • APPROPRIATE - you will learn to evaluate the transactions between your organisation and its corporate customers and optimise the use of contacts, leads, opportunities and other factors. This will allow you to meet and exceed your customers expectations, thus optimising customer value. You will learn strategies for use in a wide variety of situations including management, leadership, sales, marketing, customer service, and accounts.
  • RESULTS - through this programme you will learn to manage and improve your customer relationships, thereby reducing interpersonal and inter-departmental conflict and improving results.

Who Should Attend

All employees who are involved in dealing competitively with corporate and other clients. Group size 6-15.

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