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Event Basics for Secretaries and PA's

Course Outline / Overview

The professional secretary and PA of the 21st century is no longer a document copier, copy typist or shorthand writer. Rather, the role is rapidly evolving into a vital resource for busy managers and executives, with responsibility being given to arrange small events, such as meetings, workshops, small seminars and small functions. This means that today’s PA and secretary needs to be multi-skilled and able to function independently at a higher level than before.

This one-day, practical workshop covers the basic aspects of small events and will provide attendees with the necessary tools and the confidence to arrange small events for their organisations. Case studies are reviewed, checklists built and examples provided.

Course Outcomes

The course will provide information and familiarity with what events are, insourcing and outsourcing, formal and informal events. It will also ensure attendees are able to arrange:
  • meetings, workshops and small seminars
  • small events, including the following aspects:
    • the brief
    • checklists and timelines
    • practical considerations
    • theme
    • venue
    • programme
    • decor
    • promotion
    • guests
    • catering
    • gifts
    • recording
    • power, lights, sound
    • audio-visuals
    • printed items
    • performers, speakers
    • post-event aspects
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