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Negotiation Skills for Generations

Course code: NS - RT


1 Day


  • To understand the basics of negotiation
  • To understand the benefits of win-win negotiating
  • To learn and practice particular negotiating skills and strategies
  • To understand the importance of planning and timing in negotiations
  • To avoid common errors in negotiating tactics


  • Practicleyou will work through practical exercises individually and in teams to improve your negotiating skills. You will acquire knowledge of tools and strategies that you can easily apply the next day.
  • Results - this programme will increase the knowledge and skill of individuals and teams in planning, managing and controlling negotiations, which will result in greater success in gaining and managing new contracts.
  • Appropriate - you will learn to evaluate, according to circumstances, the appropriateness of different strategies and approaches in negotiations which will lead to improved success in achieving your objectives.

View of Content

This programme covers the following topics:
  • Negotiation games and models
  • Limits and authority
  • Win-win negotiating
  • Trust and good will
  • Planning negotiations
  • Rapport, communication and feedback
  • Negotiating tools, tactics and strategies
  • Negotiating from strength and from weakness
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Caucus and diversion
  • Teamwork

Who should attend

All employees who are involved in the selling or negotiation of contracts. Group size 8 - 12
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