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Advanced Executive PA Skills

This is a 2 day adaptation of our previous 3 day programme and which has been presented across three continents during 2011. The outcomes are designed to better equip the modern executive PA with the management, communications and image skills required to succeed in the fast-paced, high pressured business environment of the 21st century. It is highly participative so that delegates learn from each other as well as from our experienced and professional facilitators.

Session 1: Fine-tune your responsibilities and enhance your management skills set
1.1 Leadership
1.2 Your style of leadership

Session 2: Upwards management of your executive
2.1Value tests
2.2How we spend our life
2.3Red time and green time
2.4Goal setting
2.5The grid of urgency
2.6Boss – PA priorities
2.7The time bandits
2.12Managing your relationship with your boss
2.13Running the office

Session 3:Be an effective communicator and negotiator – utilising the powers of influence and persuasion

Session 4:Building your strength in relationship management
4.2Practical motivational forces that you can influence

Session 5:Building your professional identity and image
5.1Your telephone image
5.2Telephone relationships
5.3The telephone army
5.4The mechanics
5.5Answering the telephone
5.6Create an identity for yourself
5.7Ways of listening
5.8Covering for the boss
5.9Further image enhancements

Session 6: Meetings, agendas and minutes
6.1What is a meeting?
6.3Are meetings cost effective?
6.4Are there alternatives to meetings?
6.5Types of meetings
6.6Minute taking styles
6.7Meeting preparations
6.8Your partnership with the chairperson
6.9The role of the secretary
6.10Can the secretary contribute to debate in meetings?
6.11Note taking during meetings
6.12Minute publishing styles
6.14What should be appended to the minutes?
6.15Distribution of minutes
6.16The agenda
6.17Distribution of agendas

Session 7:   Managing your continuous professional development
7.1Understanding, learning and training

Session 8:Reducing and managing stress – achieving work/life balance
8.1What is stress?
8.2Common causes of stress at work
8.3Effects of stress
8.4Managing stress

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