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Presentation For Business

Course code: PS - RT

"Make a good impression"

Course Description / Overview

A two-day version of the Presentation Skills programme by the country's top presentation skills trainer. Participants will learn how to master the basics of making effective business presentations and will acquire new skills that become a permanent part of their natural behaviour pattern. This programme will teach anyone to make good business presentations.


2 Days


  • To provide an introduction to public speaking and presentations
  • To provide practice in both prepared and impromptu speaking
  • To understand the elements of an effective presentation
  • To learn the principles of structuring an effective presentation
  • To learn the importance of non-verbal techniques to enhance the message
  • To learn the importance of voice tone and projection in presentations
  • To learn the value, use and preparation of visual aids
  • To learn to use notes unobtrusively


  • CONFIDENCE - through preparation, practice and feedback during the programme, you will gain confidence in preparing and making presentations.
  • COMPETENCE - participants get the opportunity to practice, and receive feedback on their use of voice, body language, notes, and the control of nervousness.
  • PRACTICAL - this programme takes you through practical exercises to integrate your use of the basic presentation skills.

Course Content Overview

This programme covers the following:
  • An introduction to effective presentations
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Prepared speaking and the importance of timing
  • The use of voice tone and projection for emphasis
  • The use of meaningful body language
  • Structuring and outlining presentations
  • The effective use of visual aids
  • The use of notes

Who Should Attend

All employees who make formal or informal presentations to customers, management, peers or subordinates.
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