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Business Analytics

Introducing the iMPACT Programme: Critical Thinking for Problem Solving Using Numbers

Course Code: BA/CL


Analytics and the nurturing of analysts is a requisite skill to prepare our people for digitalization and the digital economy. To prepare your human capital to be efficient and effective analysts, we believe your people will need to learn and grow four specific areas of core competence to become valued partners for your business. The competent analyst must acquire knowledge and skills to perform better analysis, faster prioritization, simpler visualizations, and effective communications to translate data into actionable intelligence.
We designed the iMPACT Programme - a revolutionary approach to applying critical thinking for problem solving using numbers in four foundational Excel-driven courses over a 5-day structure. Our workshops use practical case studies for immediate application and ROI back at your workplace. Our structured and comfortably paced workshops will promote effective adult learning and allow your human capital to acquire usable skills, knowledge and tools that unleash their potential.


You will learn the disciplined and structured iMPACT process to build Excel-driven integrated models for decision making as the foundation. Learn a proven methodology for combining and applying up to seven functions in the most creative manner to meet your analysis and reporting needs in the work place. Build decision models that improve reporting from days to minutes and create more capacity for you to perform deeper analysis. Deliver interactive and dynamic reports for better communications.

Successfully apply iMPACT techniques at work to improve productivity and create more value in your role by learning how to:
  • integrate data from disparate data sources into Excel
  • build reliable and sustainable Excel-based reporting models
  • construct interactive models for decision making
  • create scenarios and what-if analyses
  • produce visually attractive and impactful reports
iMPACT marries Computational Thinking with Excel as a foundation for learning to apply critical thinking using numbers. Once this foundation is gained, you will be able to apply the iMPACT process and combine with other coding languages to build new integrated reporting capabilities to solve everyday workplace challenges for enhanced productivity. This course is not about Excel functions. iMPACT is about learning a method of thinking about how to apply Excel in a new way to solve your challenges and problems at work.

What You Will Learn

This certificate suite comprises of four foundational Excel-driven courses, conducted through face-to-face training in highly participative workshops:

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and decision-makers who need to improve staff productivity through the effective use of technology
  • Financial controllers, accountants, finance managers, HR practitioners, quality controllers, and business managers who find generating management reports too time-consuming and rigid for analysis purposes
  • Individuals frustrated with using ERP solutions that do not deliver promised performance
  • Academia, researchers, tertiary and higher level students who to use spreadsheets frequently to generate analysis and reports
  • Aspiring Data Analysts or Scientists interested in learning more about Computational Thinking in an applied and practical manner


  • Familiarity with MS Excel to at least an intermediate level
  • Self-Paced Pre-Learning of Core Excel skills
  • Course Journey: Foundation > Add-on Modules

Programme Schedule

It is neither practical nor advisable to complete the programme over five consecutive days. We recommend that delegates complete the foundation course (two days) followed by one or two weeks back at the workplace to practice implementation of the iMPACT model before completing modules two to four over a further three days.

Expected Classroom Size

Minimum: 8, Maximum: 25

Assessment and Certificate

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to participants who:
  • Attend at least 75% of the course
  • Submit capstone project for assessment within 2 weeks after the end of course (only for the foundational module)
Assessment Type:
  • Fulfilment of Capstone Project Work grading criteria (only for the foundational module)
  • In-Class assignment

Course Level

Foundation + Add-ons

Materials or Handouts

Workbook and softcopy files

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