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Microsoft Word 2016 Essentials - DLS Consulting


Using Microsoft Word to create and edit documents

Unit Standards

  • 116938 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor to create and edit documents (4 Credits) Level 1


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • Communication at ABET Level 3 or equivalent




Word Processing Principles
What is word processing
What are some of the benefits
What are the names of some word processing programmes
Starting with Word
Starting the Microsoft Word programme
Understanding the Window
Understanding the Microsoft Word screen
Typing text
Automatic spelling and grammar checking
Simple changes
Working with File commands
Saving a document
Closing a document
Opening an existing document
Starting a new blank document
Saving changes to a document
Saving a document with a Different Name
Saving a Word file in a different file format
Deleting an Word document file
Editing Tools
Selecting text for editing
Cut, Copy and Paste text
Using the clipboard
Find and replace text
Checking spelling
AutoCorrect while typing
Inserting symbols
Getting help
View settings
Using the Zoom
Changing the View
Displaying the Ruler
Formatting text
Font formatting
Format Painter
Text Alignment
Line and Paragraph Spacing
Setting Indents
Formatting with Bullets
Formatting with Numbering
Auto Format as you type
Page Layout and Printing
Hyphenating a Document
Page Breaks
Previewing the document
Paper Size
Printing a document

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