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Microsoft Excel 2016 Mastering - DLS Consulting


Increasing Efficiency through Microsoft Excel

Unit Standards

  • 116940 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to solve a given problem (6 Credits) Level 3
  • 258879 Change the appearance of a spreadsheet (3 credits) Level 3


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • Mathematical literacy and communication skills at least at NQF level 2
  • ID 117902: Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment, NQF level 1
  • ID 116937 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to create and edit spreadsheets, NQF level 2
  • Computer Literacy at NQF Level 2.




Prepare and produce a spreadsheet
Planning and designing the Worksheet
Customise the view and preferences
Minimising the Ribbon
Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Changing the size of the screen display
Freezing panes
Splitting the screen
Change the default file location
Setting document properties
Create a spreadsheet using a template
Create a template from an existing spreadsheet
Work with Multiple Worksheets
Multiple Sheets
Renaming Sheets
Insert and Delete Sheets
Copy and Move Sheets
Worksheet Groups
Using the Clipboard Group
Using Paste Special
Apply formulas to worksheets
Entering Formulas
Relative or Absolute Cell Addressing
Link Formulas between worksheets
Interpret and Correct Formula Error Messages
Auditing Commands
Error Checking
Apply built-in functions
What is a built-in function
Creating Formulas Using Functions
Date and Time Functions
Financial Functions
Statistical Functions
Math and Trig Functions
Apply formatting to a spreadsheet
Formatting Rows and Columns
Format Styles
Format as Table
Copy formats
Conditional Formatting
Print a Spreadsheet
Previewing the spreadsheet
Using the Page Break Preview
Page Layout
Printing a worksheet
Working with Data
Sorting data
Filtering data
Evaluate a Spreadsheet

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