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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Essentials - DLS Consulting


Using Microsoft Outlook to create, receive and manage e-mail

Unit Standards

  • 116945 Use electronic mail to send and receive messages (2 credits) Level 2
  • 116935 Enhance, edit and organise electronic messages using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based messaging application (2 credits) Level 2


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • Mathematical literacy and communication skills at least at NQF Level 1
  • Operate a personal computer system (ID 116932 - NQF Level 1)
  • Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment (ID 117902 - NQF Level 1)
  • Use electronic mail to send and receive messages (ID 116945 - NQF level 2)




Concepts and terms of E-mail
Introduction to internet, www and e-mail
Connecting to the Internet
An-e-mail address
Network Etiquette
E-mail - Pros and Cons
Starting the Microsoft Outlook Programme
Changing the View
Create and send an e-mail message
Creating an E-mail message
Addressing a message
Editing text in an E-mail message
Copying text
Running a Spell Check
Attaching a file
Getting Help
Receive and respond to e-mails
Reading messages
Changing a message status
Receiving an Attachment
Working with several open messages
Precautions when receiving mail
Printing a message
Organising messages
The Navigation pane
The Message pane
Changing the columns displayed
Working with folders
Moving messages to folders
Deleting messages
Emptying the Deleted Items folder
Conversation management
Working with Outlook Contacts
The Contacts screen
Creating and editing contacts
Distribution List
Legal and Ethical issues
Company Policy
Email Disclaimers
Government Policy

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