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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Mastering - DLS Consulting


Using Microsoft Outlook to create, receive and manage e-mail

Unit Standards

  • 58897 Apply electronic messaging and calendar application
  • 114984 Manage electronic mail in a business environment


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • old a GETC or equivalent qualification; or
  • Be competent in Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 2




Customising Outlook
Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Customising the Ribbon
Changing the View
Creating a new view
Changing the columns displayed
Working with folders
Apply Junk mail security settings to messages
Block or unblock picture downloads in messages
Blocked attachments in messages
Working with Messages
Creating and responding to messages
Creating and using an e-mail signature
Working with message options
Flagging e-mail for follow-up
Removing flagging from messages
Change Settings for All Messages
Outlook message formats
Working with Rules
Setting up automatic reply
Setting up automatic reply using
Managing your Contacts
Creating and editing contacts
Customising the Contacts view
Sending contact information using Business Cards
Duplicated contacts
Backing up contacts
Managing contact actions
Tracking Outlook items for a contact
Printing contacts list
Import a list to Outlook
Export Outlook information
Using the Outlook Calendar
Working with appointments
Working with meetings
Working with meeting requests
Working with multiple calendars
Setting calendar options
Network Etiquette
E-mail - Pros and Cons
Company Policy
Email Disclaimers
Government Policy
Organising Messages
Moving messages to folders
Deleting messages
Emptying the Deleted Items folder
Emptying the Junk E-mail folder
Sorting items in a list
Enabling Instant search
Working with Instant Search
Sharing Folders
Etiquette, conventions, compliance

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