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Microsoft Access 2016 Essentials - DLS Consulting


Using Microsoft Access to work with a database

Unit Standards

116936 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based database application to work with simple databases (3 Credits) Level 3


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • Mathematical literacy and communication skills at least at NQF level 2
  • Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment (ID 117902 - NQF level 1)
  • Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor to format documents (ID 117924 - NQF level 2)
  • Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to solve a given problem (ID 116940 - NQF level 2)
The estimated course duration may not be met should the learner not have achieved these prerequisites




Database Concepts
What is a Database
Database planning
Database concepts
Database objects
Understanding relationships
Starting with Databases
Starting the Access programme
The Getting Started screen
Opening an existing database from the Start up screen
Opening an existing database using the File command
Understanding the security warning
Using trusted locations
Access screen terminology
Opening database objects
Closing a database
Working with the Microsoft Access Help window
Starting a new blank database
Working in a database table
Opening an existing table
Adding records to a datasheet
Editing and deleting records in a datasheet
Sorting records in a datasheet
Locating specific records in a datasheet
Filtering the records displayed
Printing records from a datasheet
Creating and designing database tables
Creating a new table in the datasheet
Changing data type and format
Understanding data types
Creating a new table in the design view
Primary Key
Field Properties Deleting a database table
Modifying a database table
Database Relationships
Understanding relationships
Create a relationship using the Lookup Wizard
Display Relationships
Edit relationships in the Relationships window
Creating relationships in the Relationships window

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