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Microsoft Access 2016 Expert - DLS Consulting


Increasing effectiveness in developing and manipulating databases

Unit Standards

  • 258875 - Design forms and reports using a Graphic User Interface (GUI) based database (Level 4) Credits 4
  • 258881 - Design complex tables and queries using a graphical user interface (GUI) based database to solve a given problem (Level 4) Credits 5


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3
  • Communication at NQF Level 3
  • Knowledge of GUI based database application




Database design
Database planning
Database Normalization
Relational Database structure
Understanding relationships
Expert Form Design
Size and position of a Form
Modifying the record source for a form
Setting or changing the tab order on Forms
Creating an Option group using a wizard
Creating a form with sub-forms using a wizard
Creating a sub-form by adding one form to another form
Forms with a tab control
Forms with page breaks
Command buttons on a form
Expert Queries
Query types
Append Queries
Delete Queries
Update Queries
Make Table Queries
Query Joins and Join Properties
Types of joins
Cross tab Queries using the Create Query Wizard
Crosstab Queries using the Query design view
Unmatched and Duplicates Queries
Expert Reports
Creating a report with sub reports
Create a calculated control
Add Charts to Reports (or Forms)
E-mailing a report
Save the object using a different format
Working with Macros
Creating a macro
Running a macro
Creating a command button to run a macro
Running a macro in single step mode
Expert Database Tools
Importing Data
Linking Data
Linked table manager
Compact and Repair
Database Options
Printing relationships
Using the Database Documenter
Analyse a Table
Analyse Database Performance
Improving the performance of an Access database
Editing data in a shared database
Database password security
Trusted Documents & Trusted Locations

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