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Microsoft Project 2016 Essentials - DLS Consulting


Getting Started with Project Management and the Microsoft Toolset

Unit Standards

  • 120385 - Apply a range of project management tools and techniques


Prior knowledge and skills to:
  • Learners accessing this qualification will have demonstrated competence in mathematics and communication skills at NQF level 4 or equivalent
  • Learners accessing this qualification will have demonstrated competence in computer literacy and applicable software at NQF level 4 or equivalent
  • ID 120372 - Explain fundamentals of project management




What is a Project
The Project Triangle
Project Life Cycle
Planning the Project
Implementing the Project
The Microsoft Project Screen
Changing Views
Using Hel
Building the plan
Starting a new Project
Start or Finish dates
Setting up the project calendar
Entering Tasks
Changing task durations
Selecting tasks for formatting and editing
Adjusting row height
Editing and Rearranging the Task List
Saving the Project
Sharing a project using Email
Sync a project
Working with Tasks
Working with Milestones
Recurring Tasks
Outlining Tasks
Linking Tasks
Adding Lead or Lag time
Set specific dates for a task
Task Deadlines
Splitting Tasks
Changing the Table View
Copying tasks from another source
Working with Resources
Working with a resource list
Creating a Resource List
Resource Calendars
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Effort Driven Scheduling
Viewing over-allocated resources
Resolving resource conflicts by reallocating work
Resolving resource conflicts by delaying a task
Reviewing the Project Plan
View the entire project
Check the finish or start date
Applying a pre-defined filter
Applying Auto-filters to a view
Creating a custom filter
Identifying the Critical
Path Sorting information
Adjusting the Project plan
Adjusting Task Dependencies
Changing Constraints
Adding resources
Using the Task Inspector
Using the Task Path
Setting a baseline
Setting an Interim Plan
Tracking Progress
Updating task progress
Checking for variance
Communicating the Plan
Printing Print Settings
Page Setup
Formatting rows and columns
Using Styles to format text and bars
Formatting the Timescale in the Gantt Chart
Formatting the Timescale in the Calendar view
Formatting Network view layout
Formatting a usage view
Customising a view
Creating new view
Visual reports

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